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"Welcome to This Week in America on the Blue Funk Radio Network. I am Ric Bratton. The topic today is social media and how to use it to benefit your business, your career, and your brand. Our specific focus is on using Facebook."

Our expert guest, joining us from Atlanta, Georgia, is Margaret Ross; CEO of Visible Strategies Communications and visionary founder of the Kamaron Institute.

Margaret is an award winning business consultant, a recognized author, a regularly featured guest on America’s top media channels discussing marketing, technology, and cyber bullying prevention.

Keeping with today’s show topic, you can “Like” Margaret at www.facebook.com/visiblestrategies and follow her on www.twitter.com/kamaron_org.

What are some of the Facebook basics?

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Vine and Snapchat Social Media of the Moment

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Socially Briefly: Vine and Snapchat, Momentary Social Media

If you enjoy the brevity of Twitter but prefer to get your message across with a video instead of text, then Vine is the app for you. Think of a video as being 20 words long.Vine is a mobile app with a camera that lets you create and post videos. The catch is that the time allotted for these is 6.5 seconds (about 20 words). The app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. You can post these videos on Twitter and Facebook.
The app was created in June 2012, and within a few months it was acquired by Twitter. Just a couple of months after that, Vine became the most used video sharing app in the market, and by April 2013 it was the most downloaded free app within the iOS App Store.

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Why Blogging Is Bonanza for Business
Blogging is this decade's daily requirement for business development. As a business website was the non negotiable survival price of the last decade; a thriving business blog is strong predictor of a robust brand.
Need a reason to blog? Consider these.

Business blogs top marketing priority for decade social mediaThere are hundreds of millions of blogs in existence, ranging from the truly mundane and grammatically challenged (the "i am feeling sad 2day" variety) to the highly entertaining and/or informative.

It feels like only yesterday that Evan Williams (founder of blogger.com) coined the term, "blogger" Today, the blogosphere is doubling between once and twice a year, There are over one million blog posts daily. It's not too late for you. The timing is perfect to. catch the next growth wave.

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How To Use Social Media for Business Marketing
Social media has become one of the most popular ways for businesses to market and promote themselves online, for two reasons:
First: It works
Second:  It’s free. (Requiring No Up Front Participation Fee)
Social media marketing tips visible strategies communicationTwitter, the microblogging phenomenon, has quickly evolved beyond a way for people to update their friends and family as to what they’re doing.  
Anyone can increase their online visibility with Twitter and other social media. However, there are a few guidelines that businesses should follow to increase the effectiveness of their marketing, their company and brand.
Five Social Media Twitter
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