Why and How to Blur You House ?


Blurring your house on Google Maps serves multiple purposes beyond just privacy. It enhances security by preventing potential thieves from scoping out vulnerabilities or identifying easy access points. Plus, it shields you from targeted marketing efforts based on visible home improvement needs and mitigates the risk of neighborly disputes stemming from overly curious neighbors. Once you request Google to blur your home, the effect is permanent, ensuring continued privacy in Google Street View. It does not impede emergency services from finding the house.

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Internet of Things. Is Using Them All Smart or Not?


It may have started innocently with the purchase of a smallish round vacuum cleaner that seemed to call itself to life while you were at work to sweep up the breakfast cereal from the kitchen floor. It was followed by the Christmas gift of a “smart” device and a software application where you could ask it to tell you tomorrow’s weather or play your favorite music. Then the smart thermostat, the smart water meter, and its friend the smart doorbell where you can see and talk to the person at the door via the app on your smart phone while you are busy elsewhere.  Is this wi-fi, blue tooth lifestyle smart for you or not?  What is s.m.a.r.t, anyway?


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AI in Marketing: ChatGPT vs. Google Bard - A Comparative Analysis

Compare ChatGPT and Bard

AI chatbots are transforming digital interactions. Some proclaim that this is enhancing user experiences across industries. Others declare this is the end of human writing insight and creativity.  This article compares two prominent AI chatbots, ChatGPT and Google Bard, exploring their features, capabilities, and implications for marketing and authors.


ChatGPT Overview

ChatGPT, by OpenAI, stands out for its content generation and problem-solving abilities. While it aids in various tasks, it has limitations, notably its reliance on outdated training data that cuts off at about the end of 2021. In my test, I learned that it tends to be long winded and seems to enjoy overly long sentences.  I found it to be a powerful tool for creating outlines and headlines.

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Your Apps Are Watching You 24/7

Test Results of a Privacy Audit

banner privacy

by  Margaret Ross

I paid too much for my phone and I’ve installed too many apps. I have an iPhone even though the marketplace offers phones that cost much less. I tell myself that iPhone delivers extra privacy. I assumed privacy automatically means more security. Right? Hmmm. Sometimes.

 After all, didn’t Apple’s first quarter marketing campaign claim and proclaim, “Privacy, That’s iPhone.”? Their impressively calming claim carries less weight after I ran a test by visiting some popular apps with a spyware and tracker blocker running. Each APP tested had been downloaded from the APP Store. The Apps included Twitter, WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) Amazon (owned by Amazon) and the Chrome browser (owned by Google - Alphabet Inc.).

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