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Companies use surveys as a vehicle to improve work environment, customer satisfaction, sales, and management decision making. Research is useful if the information gathered is analyzed and explained in simple, clear business and organizational development terms and quickly becomes part of the management team's action plan. We believe taking informed action is a brilliant business move.

The Kamaron Institute Research, Training, and Management Consulting teams know that knowledge is not power. This Sir Francis Bacon's statement, when taken out of context can be dangerous. "Company progress requires that leaders know the score, report the score, and improve the score," explains Kamaron Institute president, Margaret Ross. "In sports and business; this is how you win championships."

Working with the right research partner is a seemingly small thing that can make a big difference in the bottom line.

"We survey on behalf of companies, candidates, education, and organizations in order to establish where they are today. This is their baseline. In shopping mall terms the baseline is the ‘You Are Here' point.

"It really shouldn't matter where ‘Here' happens to be. What does matter are the following four action steps that should follow the survey findings

  • (a) No excuses accountability of leadership group to move forward from ‘Here.'
  • (b) An action plan
  • (c) Time-specific goals, and
  • (d) Training.
  • In my book, "Making Business Work," I refer to this process as following a treasure map, with the treasure being positive business results," adds Ross. Kamaron Institute's preferred survey methodology is Internet Research.

Internet research is often an excellent alternative, supplement, or compliment to traditional research quantitative methodologies such as telephone and mail.

Our survey research services are developed and supported by PhD level psychologists to meet the needs of Corporations, HR Professionals, Business Owners, Education Leaders, Candidates, and Organizations.

The survey and research services options are listed below. Request More Research Information from Visible Strategies. 



In the last few years, we have surveyed over half a million people across 150 industries.

Most traditional research can be done faster, with less investment and similar results through the Internet. At times, the Internet may even offer far better results.

Internet research often provides business and education professionals with more reliable and discriminatory quantitative measurement and verbatim qualitative responses than do more traditional methods. Internet research also can open up to research the web and include App interactivity.


Online research can save you time; it can also save you money. Internet research as the survey choice is similar. All else being equal, Internet research can be more cost effective than telephone research because of the reduced cost of the data collection. Internet surveys can be completed more quickly than studies that rely on telephone or mail.


Kamaron Online Research Surveys For Business, Organizational Development Professionals, Organizations

Research: Employees , Students, Staff

  • Workplace Climate
  • Bullying
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Employee Evaluations
  • Exit Interviews
  • Workplace Violence, Diversity, Quality of Life
  • Faculty Satisfaction
  • Cafeteria Feedback
  • Education Attitudes


Sales Organizations Surveys

  • Sales Rep Performance Feedback
  • Hiring- Evaluate Sales Person's Experience
  • Sales Training Survey

Research: Website/E-Commerce

  • Site Visitors Profile
  • Website Content
  • Technical Support Experience
  • Website Visitor Survey
  • Retail Website Customer Satisfaction


Kamaron Survey : Candidates & Causes

  • PTA Survey
  • Constituency Survey
  • Association Member Survey
  • Community Issues Survey
  • Community Satisfaction
  • Community Development


We Conduct Customer Satisfaction and Marketing Surveys

  • Dine In Restaurant Experience
  • Dental Care Surveys
  • Health Care Opinion Surveys
  • Legal Services Usage
  • Auto Sales Survey




Kamaron Institute Management Consulting Corporate Services Surveys

Kamaron Institute research team abides by the Council of American Survey Research (CASRO) Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research. We abide by principles set forth in the Safe Harbor framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use of data for European Union.

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