Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation?
To grow a business online, several pieces must be working together such as email campaigns, posts to social media platforms, landing pages, A/B testing, lead nurturing, writing blogs and more. It is challenging to maintain all of these pieces manually as a business grows. Marketing automation software is designed to help by automating tasks. It is so effective that 49% of B2C companies and 55% of B2B companies make use of it (Emailmonday “The Ultimate Marketing Automation stats”. (2016).

Why Use Marketing Automation?

There are several benefits to marketing automation which include increasing conversion rates, reducing marketing costs, improving relationships with customers and sustaining relationships as the business scales up. In fact, research shows that companies who have used marketing automation have experienced a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a decrease of 12.2% in marketing costs(Nucleus Research, 2014).


Let’s take a look at US Fleet Tracking as a case study. The company tapped into new customers using marketing automation in its email marketing, which resulted in better customer engagement. The end result is that 25% of the email recipients requested a call back, which generated a $30,000 increase in revenue for the business.

Marketing Automation Works Well With…

Marketing automation works with several aspects of inbound marketing such as:

Email marketing, where you can automatically send out customized emails to potential and existing customers, depending on where they are in the sales funnel.
Social media, where you can automatically schedule and send out Facebook posts, tweets, and more based on the times when your target audience will likely be online.
Lead scoring, where you can score your leads to determine who will most likely convert and who is just looking around. As a result, you can focus your resources on leads that matter the most instead of wasting resources on leads that will never convert no matter how much effort you exert.

Marketing automation enables businesses to optimize and streamline their marketing efforts while reducing costs and creating a more personalized experience for customers.


Marketing Automation is one of our specialties’ at Visible Strategies. We regularly include Marketing Automation services as part of the CTO Services package we provide to our clients.