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Language of Local Search: Glossary of Local Search Internet Marketing

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Keeping pace with the Local Search industry sometimes requires the help of a translator and an advocate.

This page is your basic glossary and introduction to the language of local search. 

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        Glossary: Definitions SEO Local Search Digital Marketing
Certified Listing: Verified Listing
A certified listing is one that has been directly claimed by the authorized owner or manager of that business and verified. Local search platforms have the highest level of confidence that certified listings are trusted and accurate.


A “vote of confidence” local search platforms apply to a Local Search business listing each time they find a matching business listing’s Name, Address and Phone (NAP) and descriptive information and links when crawling other sites.  Citations can be used to determine the level of accuracy, confidence and popularity of business listings.

The act of electronically "reading" and indexing relevant information from Web pages by a search platform. Search engine robots are constantly "crawling" web sites.

Descriptive Identity/Enhanced Business Listings
The extended identity of Local Search business listings that businesses add and local search platforms utilize to present  full business identity information to users to help them make informed buying decisions and get additional channels of contact. 

The likelihood of a Local Search business listing being presented on search engines first pages and local site platform based on consumer keyword query matches and other ranking factors.

Hyperlocal Search
An adjective used to describe a local search platform, Web site or Web content that is specific to a particular local neighborhood, town or geography.
One example - of many - is Internet Yellow Pages (IYP)

Unstructured words/terms used by on-line consumers to describe WHAT they hope to find when performing a Web search, and in local search, WHERE they hope to find it.

Local Search
The process of on-line consumers looking to find qualified local businesses by entering unstructured, “top of mind” (key) words, phrases (characterized by “what” the consumer is looking for) and geographic modifiers (e.g. "Atlanta, GA", or “where” the consumer is looking) in on-line search platforms.

Local Search Platform Results
The Web pages containing local business listings returned on a local search platform, as the result of “What-and-Where” local search queries performed by on-line consumers.

Mobile Local Search
The specialized access to and presentation of local search platform business listings and other local content to Smart Phones and other mobile devices.

Name, physical business address and main business phone number or NAP is the core or anchor information that makes up a basic on-line business listing’s identity.

Organic or Natural Search
Non-paid local search platform results delivering local business listings and Web site links relevant to the keyword query entered by a local search platform user.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a term for paid or “sponsored” advertising programs on local search platforms and other sites, in which businesses are charged a fee when a searcher clicks on their advertisement.  Also known as Pay Per Click (PPC), Paid-Search marketing is when on-line advertisers bid to have brief text-based “Sponsored Link” ads displayed when a searcher enters a keyword search term. ) Advertisers only pay when the searcher clicks on the link in their ads, which are usually above or to the right of local organic search platform results.

This acronym stands for Research Online, Buy Offline—when consumers research a product on-line either from their computer or mobile device and then go to a brick-and-mortar location to actually purchase the item they were researching.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the volume of traffic to a Web site by making it more visible to search platforms for keyword queries relevant to what the site’s content contains. SEO is often measured by the increase in number of site visitors via all non-paid forms of search, such as organic, local, universal, social and mobile.

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are the results (organic and paid) that appear after a user enters a keywords in search such as (best family doctors Atlanta  GA 30320 or Dr. Jan Smith Marietta, GA )

Social Search
A search for a person or business that is conducted while in a social program such as Twitter®, Facebook® or Foursquare®.

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