Inbound Marketing Offers Win/Wins

Magnetic Marketing - The Power of Attraction

Inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than marketers having to go out to grab prospects' attention or interrupt the prospect. We call it Magnetic Marketing™. 

Inbound marketing earns the attention of potential customers, makes your company easy to be found in search and draws customers to your website by producing interesting relevant content (Wikipedia).

Inbound marketing is a type of Acquisition Marketing that is well suited to content marketing, social marketing, video marketing, digital advertising. Each type can be identified because it attracts people to your site because the site’s information entertains, educated, or solves a problem for them.

For year’s traditional marketing and advertising gained attention mainly by interruptingpeople rather than creating things (videos, information, fun) to attract them.

Examples of traditional interruptions would include things such as uninvited emails, tv ads, forced add pop ups. Nearly all consumers report having unsubscribed from emails and say that they record TV programs for the main purpose of avoiding these “advertising interruptions” to the program they want to watch.

Companies who make their money by selling subscriptions to their content marketing software often declare that marketing tactics such as digital advertising and great videos with strong call to actions and great landing pages are not “Inbound Marketing.”

We disagree. We believe both work well to deliver what they customer and business owner are looking for. Content marketing is a perfect pairing with these marketing tools: 

Video Marketing:
Content Marketing:
Pay Per Click Marketing:

Who is doing it well?

We noticed that is doing it well. Their content is created to provide real value to both a seasoned traveler and the relative new comer. Their “Real Cost of a Disney Vacation” was useful and entertaining read.

Visible Strategies understands and wins at Inbound Marketing. It is part of “What We Do Well. Contact Visible Strategies. 

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