AI in Marketing: ChatGPT vs. Google Bard - A Comparative Analysis

Compare ChatGPT and Bard

AI chatbots are transforming digital interactions. Some proclaim that this is enhancing user experiences across industries. Others declare this is the end of human writing insight and creativity.  This article compares two prominent AI chatbots, ChatGPT and Google Bard, exploring their features, capabilities, and implications for marketing and authors.


ChatGPT Overview

ChatGPT, by OpenAI, stands out for its content generation and problem-solving abilities. While it aids in various tasks, it has limitations, notably its reliance on outdated training data that cuts off at about the end of 2021. In my test, I learned that it tends to be long winded and seems to enjoy overly long sentences.  I found it to be a powerful tool for creating outlines and headlines.

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Can Your Business Benefit from Facebook’s Search Feature?
What's In It For Me?
Risks and Benefits of Facebook Open Graph Search Feature

If you own a business any new feature announcements from Facebook can simultaneously evoke feelings of hopeful excitement and vague dread.  “Will this bring in new business?” VS ‘Uh oh, what have they done this time?” The new feature’s name this time is Open Graph Search. It is in beta release.

Business Page Users: A big plus is that Business Page Users might find personal information that, in the past, has been only available to paid advertisers.  A search result for “people who like to cycle” could be really valuable if you own a bicycle shop or are looking for a cycling group to join. 

Individuals can gather fast facts without needing to post a poll for all their friends. If you are planning a trip to New York or London, instead of only posting a request for friend’s restaurant recommendations, you can enter a search such as “What restaurants have my friends visited in New York?”

One of the big complaints about Facebook since its inception in 2004 was the poor search engine function, with completely irrelevant results popping up. The other big complaint is that personal privacy protection requires Facebook users to be very proactive.

Take a look at the pros and cons that this new search engine may have for business marketing and for your personal account. I suggest you watch the Facebook video regarding how to use “Open Graph Search”.

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Why Blogging Is Bonanza for Business
Blogging is this decade's daily requirement for business development. As a business website was the non negotiable survival price of the last decade; a thriving business blog is strong predictor of a robust brand.
Need a reason to blog? Consider these.

Business blogs top marketing priority for decade social mediaThere are hundreds of millions of blogs in existence, ranging from the truly mundane and grammatically challenged (the "i am feeling sad 2day" variety) to the highly entertaining and/or informative.

It feels like only yesterday that Evan Williams (founder of coined the term, "blogger" Today, the blogosphere is doubling between once and twice a year, There are over one million blog posts daily. It's not too late for you. The timing is perfect to. catch the next growth wave.

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