What to Expect in 2024

Revolutionizing Mobile-First Business Website Strategies

Unlocking the Future of Business Website Trends and Search Engine Mobile-First in 2024

In the fast-paced realm of digital presence, businesses gear up for a paradigm shift in mobile-first website strategies. The upcoming year, 2024, promises to usher in transformative trends, reshaping the landscape of online visibility. Let's delve into what the future holds for business website trends and how search engine mobile-first will shape up in the coming year.

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Best Practices Online PPC Advertising

Everyone with a business and a website wants their website to be prominently featured on the search engines. Pay Per Click advertising is one way to ensure that your products and services are found by Online Advetising PPC Best Practicespeople who are searching for information related to those products or services. Google search and YouTube are two strong example but not the only examples. Bing's AdCenter (owned by Microsoft) and Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have entered the online advertising fray.

For example, if someone is searching for topics of "best 4G phone"; on the top of the page's results will be a list of sponsored product followed by a list of websites "ADS" pay per click advertisements geared specifically to the keyword phrase "best 4G phone". On Google you can recognize these by looking the words "Sponsored" "  or "Ad" in small print at the top of the advertising area. 

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Creating A Buzz With Web Powered Public Relations

Press releases are a great way to publicize your business, but frankly, not all press releases are created equal. - M Ross

Some press releases are pretty dull to read and have nothing new or exciting to tell the reader. The fact that a company just hired a new CEO or entered a partnership with a new distributor...yes, that's news, but is it interesting news? Probably not to anyone outside of the company - with the exception of the new CEO's proud family.

pets events make great public relations polls topics

So what is a company to do when they have no nationally exciting news to announce? Are you locked out of the news release buzz? No. They strategically create their own news.  And how do they do that? There are lots of ways.

Example: You could tie something your company is going to a leading story or trend of the day. 

Another good way is to feature original research in your press release - by hiring an outside company to do a poll (study, survey) for you. And here here are five reasons why:


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