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Visible Strategies, founded in 2001 in Atlanta Georgia, is a business management and educational management consulting firm and full-service marketing agency. We advise leading companies, educational organizations and public figures in the areas of business development, market strategy, market research, digital communications, marketing technologies, and staff development.

Benefits of Doing Business with Visible Strategies

We are Proven
Provide Real Value
Excel in Customer Service Local – We Know Your Market Metrics
Planning – Flexible Planning Means Added Profits
Choices – We Customize to You

Six benefits of Visible Strategies

Industries We Serve

Retail, Education, Government, Manufacturing, Technology, Nonprofit, Professional Services, Auto, Entertainment, Hospitality, Nonprofit and Communications, Sales and Marketing

What We Do for Our Business Clients

The Visible Strategies' Agency specializes in the best web solutions, strategy, marketing technologies and business consulting to help your business to flourish - succeed boldly. We have the skills and experience to deliver complete, customized solutions that produce visible results for your business and your brand. We've been proving it for nearly two decade.

Client Reviews

“We value Margaret’s wisdom, leadership and marketing technology skills. Margaret trains and mentors our staff.” - CD

“Do yourself a favor and turn your Internet concerns and “on-line worries” over to someone who knows what they are doing!” - RR

"Our online image and marketing now looks like we are a Fortune 500 company. We became more competitive in our marketplace and in pitching new business." - RMM

"Our results included more comradeship among faculty; continuity of teaching between home and school. We achieved our system goals and Margaret and team improved our staff satisfaction with her great training." - KS

Visible Thinking Strategies – Thinking Routines

Business Campaign and Educational Programs successes are examples of Visible Thinking Strategies that we apply daily. 

Example: The business client sees increased revenues and new creative and relevant messages. Their customer has their attention drawn and newly aware of benefits of doing business with you. 
Behind the scenes, and what is seen and heard by customers and counted by clients is research-based planning, real world observations, problem solving, connecting the dots, and extending expanding the parts that work best. It is our Visible Thinking Strategies. 

In our Educational Programs in positive Character Development,Positive Label Programs: Our Cause , we apply our Visible Thinking Strategies and Thinking Routines. We’ve trained thousands of teachers who connected it to multiple subject areas and expanded the impact to over a quarter of a million students across the country

Business Service Bundles

Our most popular services bundle is CTO Services. Why? Because CTO Services give you the Marketing and Technology Services to Increase Sales. 

Visible Strategies Custom Packages Can Include:
  • Marketing Strategy
  • B2B Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Lead Generating
  • Lead Tracking
  • Market Research
  • SEO Services
  • Reputation Management

What’s New- Privacy, Personal Tech, Privacy

We are adding some exciting new topic to help you protect your privacy and security plus personal tech tips from our CEO, Margaret. See the latest Privacy News here. PRIVACY NEWS. Did you know that your APPS are watching you around the clock? True.
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